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In a world where everything changes at the speed of human ingenuity, we perceived that the field of education lags behind, still anchored to centuries-old paradigms. We intend to change that. On its core, UOB is a virtual reality software (also compatible with non-VR devices) made for learning, managed by a neural network which learns from the user actions and changes the user experience by measuring the student’s different kinds of intelligence. By placing the student into an adaptive and interactive environment, we will allow them to experience the learning process at their own pace, free from temporal and spatial limitations and in a learning path custom-tailored to their very own points of strength. Our students won’t have to deal with the impracticalities of real-life school life, or the impersonality and standardization of e-learning videos and quizzes. We believe in putting the student at the center of the learning process, allowing technology to deeply change how we perceive and live learning itself, one of the most crucial aspects of human life.

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