Virtual Reality Art

Feeling creative? Be the master builder behind the artworks of the network museums. Start as an apprentice with no art field experience, just your hands and a basic knowledge of art history. Follow the instruction and make your first art piece happen. Live the environment you’ve just created and listen to the tales to get to know more about that piece of art. You’re ready now! Battle your curiosity and get to the second level . Now you are skilled enough to create the second piece and become the artist you always knew you could be! In Nivola you have 3 levels, reach out and grab the third with your hands, create the 3d environment, enjoy this new scenario, listen to the tale and enjoy your ultimate prize: you are an expert. We are now ready to become the master of a new museum.

The process of transforming a painting into a virtual world is a simple and precise process, automated by the development team's workflow.
From a picture...

... to a 3D model...

... trasformed all to a VR Experience:

Concept and voices created by

Oculus Pitch.pdf

Download it from Oculus